Remember to pick up your Homecoming cupcake forms

Have a great performance at the Canfield Fair!!

Drink your water the night before and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!



Medical Forms must be filled out by each student every year:



Grab Your Phone:        music-012

Students & parents  follow the steps below to sign up for your Marching Band text messages:

  • Text the number(330) 787-0381 or 81010
  • With the message       @b640 (you must type the @)
  • Then Mr. O’Connor – when he can- will text you back asking you for your name (verification process).
  • You will be all set to receive text messages!  Cool!



Our private teacher list has been updated. (2012)  A few phone numbers have been changed and some new names have been added. Although not required, private lessons are strongly encouraged. They are a crucial factor to the success of a band program. It is impossible for one band director to give each individual student the attention that he or she deserves. One big misconception is that once a student reaches a “level” on their instrument, or gets into Symphonic Band, that they do not need to take lessons anymore. That is NOT true. In order to perform the level of music that the Fitch Band is known to play, private lessons are needed. Please use this list as a reference for names and places to go for private lessons.

Marching Band Attendance Policy


Mr. O’Connor has revised the attendance policy for the Marching Band. Please click here to review. (Revised May 2013) (PDF)  The Excuse Request Form may be found here.

Student Forms

Please note that this year all of our information will be posted on this web site. Emails are needed to inform you when changes are made online. Please make sure you update your email address with us to “keep in step” with the band!  

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Student Account Issues contact:
Tracy Kaglic

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