Austintown Band Parents

In 2015, the Covelli Center contacted the ABP Club, Inc. with an offer that in return for the ABP Club, Inc. providing concession stand workers, the Covelli Center would donate 10% of the net sales for each operated stand to the ABP Club, Inc. This would require approximately 5-6 workers for a small stand or up to 12-17 workers for a large full-service concession stand. Workers are required to be 16 years or older and if the concession stand sells alcohol the servers would need to be 21 or older. The Executive Board looked at this offer as a potential to generate revenue outside our normal needs and how this could be best utilized. A decision was made to set up a “test” incentive points program. Parents and students participating in volunteer activities would earn points during the year. The total revenue generated for this program would then be divided by the number of points earned to determine a per point value. The points earned for a specific student would then be converted into a credit in the student’s account. Points are earned for working various events, contributing to other events, and for volunteering to serve on committees or other fundraisers.

The purpose and intent of this program was to give both parents and students an added opportunity to participate in the band trip and relieve them of some of the costs.  As a result, it is hoped that more students would be able to participate in the band trip. In addition to the Covelli revenue, a new event, “Jazz & Dessert” was created and in its first year raised $2,000 additional dollars for the point fund. In total, close to $10,000 was credited to student accounts. Should this program continue it needs to have an increase in participation by parents, guardians, and band members.  Many of the “regular” volunteers for “incentive” events this past year were the same volunteers who were already participating. The outreach to those who have not yet volunteered has not had the desired response.

Band Parents & Guardians are encouraged to join the ABP Club, Inc. Dues are $5 per person per year payable by October 31. The ABP Club, Inc. has an email address,  If you are a paid member of the ABP Club, Inc. or if you send a request to be added to the list of email recipients you will receive emails on specific events and dates the Covelli Center assigns to the ABP Club, Inc. for coverage. By responding to the email, assignments will be given by the first responders being the first to be added to the worker list for the specific event. Workers are required to wear a red T-Shirt, a red “Band Parent” T-Shirt or polo which can be ordered from Jones Embroidery in Austintown, and black pants or shorts. The Parents are encouraged to wear a band parent shirt and students are to wear their regular band shirt. The shirts and polo’s may be purchased at Jones Embroidery at Mahoning Avenue and Route 11.  We serve, we do not cook. The Covelli Center provides their own cooks. In most situations we will have pre programmed cash registers which tell you the item cost and even the change. The most challenging part of a night at the Covelli is the end of the night inventory and balance sheets.  Parking is provided at no cost to the volunteers.

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