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Dry Cleaning Fee


This fee MUST be paid for each student in the Marching Band. Payment is due by July 31st of each year.

Uniforms will be cleaned once in July after fittings, once in September, once at the end of the marching season and once before the band trip. All uniforms are covered under our dry cleaner’s insurance policy. Any cleanings that are needed as a result of spills, etc., are the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian.


The Austintown Band Parents will maintain physical control over all uniform parts (except for Dinkles and Embroidered Drawstring Bags) when they are not currently in use during a performance and/or event. Dinkles should remain in the student’s drawstring bag when not in use. All band uniform parts that are issued to a student must be immediately returned upon completion of or withdrawal from the performance and/or event for which the uniform was issued. Should any of the uniform parts be damaged, destroyed, or lost while issued to the student, costs for repair or replacement may be assessed to the student.


By purchasing the dry-cleaning fee, you acknowledge receipt of the uniform(s) issued to your student(s). You also agree to be held liable for the estimated replacement cost of any item which is damaged, destroyed, or lost while issued to the student.

Replacements costs are as follows:

Marching Jacket: $306.56

Marching Jumpsuit: $142.53

Flag line Jacket: $344.42

Flag line Skirt: $200.92

Hat: $101.71

Berets (Drum Line & Sousaphones): $30.00

Embroidered Drawstring Bags: $15.00

Raincoat: $102.70


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